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Arabian Calibration Company (ACC) is highly equipped liquid flow meter calibration facility, be based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will meet the requirements of Oil & Gas, Industrial , as well as other operators in the region, and operating in collaboration with NEL who are the custodian of the flow metering standards. The facility will be unique in the region and provide an independent capability to verify the performance of a flow meter for both internal and external customers. An integral part of the facility development will be the award of third party accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for assessing calibration facilities.


The facility is built to accommodate flow meters up to and including 6 inches in diameter with a maximum operating flow rate of approximately 10,000 litres per minute. The operation of the facility is undertaken predominantly by Saudi Nationals. This is an integral element of the vision of both ACC and NEL. By adopting such an approach it will create and develop an understanding of both flow measurement and calibration in the region,


The output from a flow meter can be used for a variety of purposes, from custody transfer to production control and monitoring typically for internal purposes. But regardless of its purpose, the user must have confidence in the output it is providing. This is obvious in the case of custody transfer meters as there is a financial transaction associated with the output from the meter.


Confidence in the output of a flow meter can only be achieved through calibration. Therefore proper control of a process, both fiscal and operational, can only be achieved if the flow meters used are calibrated.



The original drive for this project developed from a clear need expressed by operators within the KSA for access to an independent, credible, traceable flow meter calibration facility. This need was captured through a market survey of potential users carried out by ACC. Whilst the original focus was on single phase liquid meters, the vision of ACC and NEL, was to create a wider range of calibration capability within the KSA, in line with customer demands.

vision2This vision includes;

• Elevated pressure (and temperature) single phase capability
• High pressure gas capability
• Multiphase flow capability

The vision does not end with the creation of a range of facilities to meet the calibration needs of flow meters. Other potential developments which have been discussed include;
• Densitometer calibration
• In-situ Field Calibration


The services provides our Clients with access to an independent calibration facility which is accredited to ISO 17025 for calibration. The facility will, through careful discussion with Saudi Industrial and Calibration Standards, meet all of their operational requirements.

partnerOur partner NEL has the credibility to offer such a service based on the following;

• Established in 1947 as the United Kingdom's National Engineering Laboratory, hence the acronym NEL
• The UK's National Measurement Institute for Flow
• Custodian of the United Kingdom's National Standard for Flow Measurement
• Undertakes work on behalf of the UK Government through the National Measurement System. Focus of work is to address long term flow measurement challenges for industry
• Accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS
• Operates a range of single phase oil, water and gas calibration lines
• Operates a multiphase flow calibration facility
• Operates a high pressure wet gas facility
• Staff of circa 100 people, the majority professional engineers
• Strategic focus on the provision of Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanic related services to the Oil and Gas Industry

Calibration can be viewed as a commodity service with the choice of calibration service provider driven solely by the price of the service. This cannot be good practise when one considers the role played by calibration. The quality of the meter calibration is one of the key factors in determining the ongoing performance of the meter when operational. An error introduced during calibration will be present every single time the meter is used until it is re- calibrated. This could equate to a significant volume of liquid with a corresponding financial exposure.

Where to Calibrate?

• Stated measurement uncertainty
• Traceability
• Independent accreditation to ISO 17025
• Track record of those operating the facility
• Operating envelope of the facility

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